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GKN Hydrogen Clean Energy Storage is the best all-in-one solution for zero-emission power supply. Its solid-state hydrogen storage provides safety through design, and it has 15x smaller size than 40bar hydrogen gas tanks. GKN Hydrogen Clean Energy storage is a modular system for maximum flexibility. The innovative metal hydride storage has been developed and refined over the last 8+ years to become the most reliable and secure hydrogen storage solution on the market. The robust system generates green hydrogen from fluctuating renewable energy sources, storing it compactly and safely in metal hydride over long periods of time.  


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This system stores green hydrogen from renewable sources for various applications.

It is 100% recyclable, because the standard metals that are being used are 100% recyclable. The system generates no wastes during operation. The only side product from the process is pure water.

It operates under low pressure, since the low-temperature metal hydride storage system operates at the same pressure level as electrolysis and fuel cells.

This system’s lifetime is 20 years, and it saves about 150 tons CO₂ over its lifetime. (Estimated 4x storage turnover / year for a 120kg H2 sized HY2MEDI system​)

There is almost no capacity loss over its lifetime, since metal hydrides can last for decades without any losses. (99% capacity after 3,500 cycles vs. 70% after 2000 cycles with Li batteries)


GKN Hydrogen Clean Energy Storage modular systems bring safe, green energy to residential housing, industrial and transportation sectors. Whether in Micro-Grids, for emergency back-up power systems or energy conversion plants. The possibilities are infinite.


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Users can monitor and control the operations of our systems from remote. The web-based digital management tool can be easily accessed via desktop and mobile devices.

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